System Dynamics

The objective of this course is to introduce bond graph method to model and simulate the dynamics of a variety of energy domains such as mechanical, electrical, magnetic, hydraulic and thermofluidix systems. The topics include introduction to power and energy variables, constitutive modeling of multi-port energy elements, transducers, transformers, gyrators, power flow, causality, derivation and simulation of state space equations.

Course Description:

A. Selk Ghafari, Room A7, School of Science and Engineering


Textbook Reference:

System Dynamics: Modeling and Simulation of Mechatronic Systems. 4 th Ed.

D.C. Karnopp, D.L. Margolis, and R.C. Rosenberg. John Wiley, 2005.

Sharif University of Technology International Campus

Lectures and Homework Assignments:

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