Control System Design

The objective of this course is to introduce energy transmission based on hydraulics and pneumatics, basic fluid dynamics, component knowledge with respect to functionality and design of pumps, motors, cylinders, valves, accumulators, filters and line components. Also students learn about characteristics of fluids, system design for different hydraulic and pneumatic circuits and calculation methods for components and systems. On completion of the course, students will receive a broad-base knowledge of basic system principles for control of position, velocity/speed, force/torque and power. The course also provides students with a greater working expertise and understanding of programmable logic controllers applications in hydraulic and pneumatics control system.



Course Description:

A. Selk Ghafari, Room A7, School of Science and Engineering


Textbook Reference:

Fluid Power, Hydraulics and Pneumatics

James R. Daines, Goodheart Willcox Publisher, 2009.

Sharif University of Technology International Campus

Lectures and Homework Assignments:

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