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This laboratory focuses on creating practical engineering solutions by integrating sensors and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) in various applications. The major sensors included are ultrasonic, thermal, proximity, magnetic, infrared, color, and contact types. Various experiments can be carried out such as designing sensor applications controlled by PLC programs. The laboratory is equipped with Allen Bradley PLC units, emergency switches, timers, relays and panels. Each unit is equipped with a computer, and programming software used to upload programs to the PLC unit to allow the students to learn programming and simulation in real world applications.

Mechatronics Lab.

This laboratory integrates computer science, electrical and mechanical engineering in a collaborative environment that augments interactions between students, research staff and faculty. This laboratory course provides specific attention to design, understand, and exploit the dynamics of stationary and mobile systems in the context of challenging environments. The equipments include two stationary six degrees of freedom system, a mobile platform, computers, and a number of major engineering software necessary for mechanical modeling, and simulation. The analysis has been utilized to teach the students programming and control of the robots for various tasks.

Robotics Lab.

Electrical machine laboratory emphasizes hands on experience with the internal construction, physical workings, and operation of electrical machines. Starting with basic principles of electricity and magnetism, students perform various experiments with electrical machines. These include DC motors (series and shunt motors), DC generators (series and shunt generators), AC three phase motors (induction and synchronous motors), alternators, single phase, and three phase transformers and other electromechanical devices, to gain valuable experience with real electrical power equipments.

Eclectic Machinery Lab.

Pneumatic laboratory is an applied laboratory used for education and research purposes and conducts theoretical studies and simulations with strong experimental support. Its primary objective is to generate multidisciplinary knowledge applicable to the design and development of fluid mechanics, hydraulic and pneumatic systems and to their use in the automation of machinery and industrial processes.

Pneumatics Lab.

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