Mechatronics Systems

Mechatronics deals with a combination of mechanics, electronics, computing, control engineering, molecular engineering, and optical engineering, to make possible the generation of economical, reliable and versatile systems. This course is arranged to provide a fundamental theory of mechatronics systems including the appropriate topics in macro, micro, and nano scale mechatronics systems. The most important topics covered in this course are:

General overview of mechatronics

Kinematical analysis of mobile robots

Geometrical solutions of mobile robots

Sensors in mobile robots (tactile, pose, inertial, and distance)

Applications of MEMS

Materials in MEMS

Micromachining (deposition, patterning and etching processes)

Nanoscale products and applications

Nano materials

Challenges in nanoscale engineering

Course Description:

A. Selk Ghafari, Room A7, School of Science and Engineering


Sharif University of Technology International Campus

Lectures and Homework Assignments:

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