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Last Update 18 November, 2020


Research Interests



 Hardware in the Loop Simulation

 Multi-objective Dynamic Optimization

 Lower Extremity Exoskeletal System Design

 Medical Robotics and Rehabilitation Systems Design

 Lower Extremity Neuro-musculo-skeletal System Modeling


1. Ali Taherifar (Co-Advised with Prof. G.R. Vossoughi), Optimal impedance control of lower extremity exoskeleton robot, January 22, 2018 (96/11/2).

2. Mohsen Meshkini (Co-Advised with Prof. K.K. Firouzbakhsh), Steady state mechanical and thermal stresses analysis of Poro-Piezo-FGMs hollow cylinder with asymmetric radially material properties, September 21, 2017 (96/6/30).

3. Raed A. Mahmood, (Co-Advised with Dr. A.G. Zabihollah), “Design and optimization of hybrid regenerative energysystem for lower extremity assistive exoskeleton”, in progress.

Supervised Ph.D. Theses

1. Sahba Safavi (Co-Advised with Prof. A. Meghdari), Design of an anthropometric lower extremity exoskeletal system, June 15, 2011 (90/3/25).

2. Sina Baghi (Co-Advised with Dr. K.G. Osgouie), Impedance control of a Stewart platform manipulator with optimal gain values, Jan.17, 2012 (90/10/27).

3. Mahmoud Mirsalehan (Co-Advised with Dr. A.G. Zabihollah), Modeling and control of a 6-DOF quadrotor system using neuro-fuzzy approach, Jan.17, 2012 (90/10/27).

4. Reza Jamei, (Co-Advised with Dr. A.G. Zabihollah), Structural health monitoring of oil pipeline using guided lamb waves, Jan.15, 2012 (90/10/25).

5. Reza Jalil Mozhdehi (Co-Advised with Prof. A. Meghdari), Optimal Controller Design for a CMOS-MEMS Force Sensor in Cell Manipulation, Oct.4, 2012 (91/7/13).

6. Saman Momeni (Co-Advised with Dr. A. Zabihollah), Structural design optimization and dynamic analysis of non-uniform thickness laminated beam reinforced with nano-particles, June 6, 2013 (91/3/16).

7. Saman Momeni (Co-Advised with Dr. A.G. Zabihollah), Structural design optimization and dynamic analysis of non-uniform thickness beam reinforced with nano-particles, 20 June 2013 (92/3/30).

8. Omid Kalantari, “Design and construction of a upper extremity wearable exoskeleton for rehabilitation of stroke patients”,  September 22,2014 (93/6/31).

9. Mahdi Shishegar (Co-Advised with Dr. G.H. Farrahi),  September 22,2014  (93/6/31).

10. Seyed Ali Akbar Razavizadegan (Co-Advised with Prof. A. Meghdari), “Design and construction of a soft actuated exoskeleton for hand rehabilitation of stroke patients”, September 22,2014 (93/6/31).

11. Sadra Balooti (Co-Advised with Dr. A.G. Zabihollah),”Dynamic analysis and intelligent control of an offshore marine crane for safe load carrying”, September 22,2014 (93/6/31).

12. Shima Soltani Hekmat, (Co-Advised by Prof. H. Zohoor) “Design of an Active Exoskeleton Robot to Assist Human Walking”, January 14, 2016 (94/10/24).

13. Kasra Dariani Tabrizi, (Co-Advised with Prof. A. Meghdari), “Dynamic analysis & control of a Biomimetic robotic fish employing bondgraph approach”, January 20, 2016, (94/10/30).

14. Fariborz Razban, “Analysis and Control of Cable Driven Crane Parallel Manipulator”, January 20, 2016, (94/10/30).

15. Said Malekzadeh, (Co-Advised with Dr. H. Salarieh) “Design, Modeling and Control of a Delta Robot In Fine Machining Application”, January 20, 2016, (94/10/30).

16. Mohammad Eslami, “Design and experimental investigation for an unmanned aerial vehicle for surveillance purposes”, In Progress.

17. Majid Pourebrahim Abadi, (Co-Advised with Prof. F. Farahmand) “Design and analysis of a navigating procedure for robotic-assisted fracture reduction of long bones”, June 16, 2016, (95/3/27).

18. Mohammad Mohsen Delavari, (Co-Advised with Dr. A.A. Akbar Khayyat), “Fault diagnose and control of crack growth in power transmission systems,using neural network”, July 16, 2016, (95/4/26).

19. Hadi Ghasemi, (Co-Advised with Prof. H. Zohour), “Design and simulation of a novel mechanism for energy harvesting sea waves”, Feb.18, 2017, (95/11/30).

20. Yaser Hosseini, (Co-Advised with Prof. G.R. Vossoughi), “Design and Construction of an Assistive Device for Hygienic Services”, September 22, 2017 (96/06/31).

21. Elnaz Azizi, (Co-Advised with Dr. A.G. Zabihollah), “A Deep learning Approach to Classify Motor Imagery Based on The Combination of Discrete Wavelet Transform and convolutional Neural Network for Brain Computer Interface System”, December 23, 2018 (97/10/2).

22. Javad Loghmani, “Design and construction an artificial thumb that controlled by command from the index finger”, January 10, 2019 (97/10/20).

23. Parisa Nezafat, (Co-Advised with Dr. A.G. Zabihollah), “Design and construction of smart insole to measure the force of the human foot dynamics during daily activities”, January 10, 2019 (97/10/20).

24. Shila Amooie, (Co-Advised with Dr. A.G. Zabihollah), “Multi sensory balance board for children at the similar age between 6 to 7 years old with SPD or ADHD diseases”, in progress.

25. Ahmad Abbas Abdolhossein Alkhayyat, “Automated Control System on a Plough Movement by Using a Developed Displacement Sensor”, in progress.

26. Hamed Firouzi Pouyaei, (Co-Advised with Dr. Amir Ali A. Khayat) “Intelligent Force-Position Impedance Control of a Robotic Arm Equipped with Three-Finger Actuator”, in progress

Supervised M.Sc. Theses